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I have helped hundreds of students and clients with every aspect of employment. I coach high school students, college graduates and career changers through the entire process of seeking, applying to and maintaining a job. In the past three years, I have had a 90%+ success rate with jobseekers of all ages.


For many, today's world of work is unfamiliar territory: our society has changed more in the past 10 years than in the past 100. Gone are the days of classified ads and corporate ladders. Some traditional jobs have become obsolete, and half of the jobs in the near future do not even have titles or descriptions yet. This paradigm shift means workers are riding waves rather than climbing mountains, and measuring experience in terms of number of projects or clients rather than years. Dedication, patience and long-term loyalty have been superceded by flexibility, resilience, and short-term productivity. The expectations of local stability and upward mobility have been replaced by global dynamics and multidirectional movement.


Ultimately, it's not about what you know or even who you know: it's about who knows you!  I will help you navigate this challenging terrain and chart a clear course using the tools of the Digital Age: research, networks, social media, and self branding. 

I facilitate the entire college admissions process: from finding the best match, to applying for admissions and scholarships, to writing winning essays, to negotiating financial aid packages, to choosing a major. I don't simply tell you what to do or where to go. Rather, I provide resources and rubrics to guide you through a process in which you are actively engaged and invested in making aware and informed decisions. 


I believe that students should spend more time and effort in researching their future options than they do choosing the features of their first car or picking out a skin for their smartphone! Higher education is an expensive product that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Students must be savvy consumers. The more they own the decision-making process, the more they are committed to the necessary follow-through and the more they are 'response-able' for the consequences. It is a signficant step into adult-hood that should not be sabotaged or completely controlled by others.


Finding the best fit in terms of academic programs, caliber and accessiblity of professors, work and research opportunities, scale and culture of campus, quality and maintenance of facilities, and total cost of attendance has a very high correlation with success and happiness in college. And any debt incurred directly impacts lifestyle decisions upon graduation.


I teach children and teens mindfulness, meditation and metaphysics, and have over a decade of professional experience and service as the Director of the Youth Program of Unity Center for Practical Spirituality in Stuart, creator of the Lumindorf Spiritual Adventure Summer Camps, and founder of the G-Star Peace Club.


  • Holographic Kinetics

  • NLP (Neuro-linuistic Programming)

  • Brain Gym

  • Capturing Kids' Hearts

  • Power Healing (Universal Healing Technique)

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping)

  • Conscious Discipline

  • Nonviolent Communication


  • Guided Visualization

  • Zensight

  • Dream/Vision Boards

  • Healing Codes

  • The Eye of the Storm for Teens

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