Myths, Lies & Default Decisions

The SAT is more accepted than the ACT.

  • Students should take both tests as many times as possible.

  • SAT/ACT scores have gone up because they used to be harder.

  • The SAT/ACT correlates with intelligence.

  • The SAT/ACT predicts success in college/career/life.

  • A high GPA can make up for average or poor test scores.

  • Standardized tests are unbiased and fair.

  • You need to take the SAT/ACT for junior colleges.

  • Going to a junior college really means you are still immature, or you weren’t accepted by a four-year program, or you are not ready to handle university life, or you can’t move away from home or you are too scared to move onto a campus.

  • Junior colleges are just larger high schools.

  • If you get an associates degree from a junior college, it cheapens your bachelors from a “legit” four-year university. Your diploma will be split into two halves, or it will also show the name of the junior college.

  • If you don’t get into a university right away, you should take some classes at a local junior college and transfer out as quickly as possible after just 1 or 2 semesters.

  • Good reasons to choose a college:

  • “My boy/girlfriend is going there.”

  • “My parents went there.”

  • “My family members want season sports tickets.”

  • “They won the national championship.”

  • “I like the colors/mascot/slogan.”

  • “I like the frat parties.”

  • “I see their ads online all the time.”

  • Good reasons to pick a major/career:

  • “I will definitely make a lot of money.”

  • “My parents do this.”

  • “My parents want me to do this.”

  • "My parents wish they had done this.”

  • “My boy/girlfriend is doing this.”

  • “I don’t know what else I want to do.”

  • Colleges can’t require you to take classes that don’t count toward a degree.

  • If you fail a class in college, you can retake it for free.

  • Everyone should go to college.

  • Taking off a year before going to college is always a mistake.

(HINT: every statement above is FALSE!)