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Testimonials & Referrals

This is why I love doing what I do.

 Nothing makes me happier than my clients' successes and being able to make a positive difference in their lives :) 

This is a text from a recent client who had worked with others before finding me. We had just 5 sessions together and she improved 230 points on her SAT.

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Dear Ms. Werb,

     I really do appreciate all that you've done for my education. Not only have you helped me prepare for the SAT and ACT, you helped prepare for college in my Success Class and my math in Analytical Geometry. It feels pretty good to know that I have a great teacher everyday to look forward to. Most teachers I know only teach to receive a paycheck, while you actually care for properly educating your students and teaching us things that go beyond the classroom....I feel that in just one class of yours I learn more than from any other class in a whole school year. That's a gift. Although we may get off topic, you bring us to subjects that are far more meaningful and important to discuss. I love that I don't feel stressed in your class. The whole environment is just so welcoming. It's like no other.

     Along with being an amazing teacher, you've become an inspiration and motivation to me and many other students. I'm going to miss your life talks, thoughts, experiences and interests and how you cared so much about ours. Your viewpoint on life has really opened my eyes to look at the world differently. You make me want to go out and make a difference in this world. I can't thank you enough for being such a good teacher and overall person. I don't think I've met a teacher so sincere and someone who actually loves and believes in their kids as if they were their own. There aren't many people like you and I'm glad that I had the privilege of having you everyday this school year. I'm pretty sure you're leaving this school year and that's why this letter is my early goodbye. I wish nothing but the best for you....You've definitely done your part in having an impact on this school and the many students who've attended. Just keep in mind that when I'm a famous film-maker, I will always remember you as my favorite teacher.

     Thank you for everything,

                         Natalia Grossa 

One thing I have learned this year is don't underestimate the Werb. She's a great SAT/ACT prep teacher and anyone would be lucky to have her class. Some kids take the ACT/SAT with no prep at all, but she teaches you methods and ways to get a good score. Her Success Class is great too. The vision board project really gives you a chance to find yourself and to figure out what you really want in life. It's a shame that G-Star is losing such a great teacher. She was one of the teachers that always kept it real. She always had a goal and she was so ambitious.


I'm gonna miss you Werbster. You were like the oracle, filled with so much wisdom. It was like you had the answers to everything. I'm glad I met you and I wish you much luck in the future.

                                                   -James Dieujuste


Ms. Werb,

     Normally students dislike teachers that give them bad or average grades and I've never been one to receive outstanding grades in your class, but you are by far one of my favorite teachers.

     My life has changed so much by the influence of teachers this year. You've inspired me to always ask questions and not settle until I have my answers. I have more tools at my disposal to help me be the best me I can be. You made learning fun and I can not put into words how much I loved your class. I'm positive that in the next ten years I'll have a booming career and you're the first person I'll thank.

     Students need to to take your class. I encourage everyone I meet to sign up. Going into college I have 10x more confidence and that's all thanks to you. I'll be sure to send you lots of emails full of questions.


Live long and prosper!

Sarah Sheldon


Dear Ms. Werb,

     I am so glad to be lucky enough to have taken your class. You have taught me so much from how to score high on the SAT's and ACT's to how to prepare for college. I have obtained so much knowledge just from taking your class. "Finding Joe" was probably one of the most eye-opening films I have seen.

     The vision board assignment was such an amazing project. It helped me visualize all of my goals and dreams. It motivated me to put those dreams into reality. It also motivated me to continue doing good in school and put my priorities in order, so I can accomplish my goals and dreams. I plan on keeping my vision board forever, so that I will always be motivated to reach for the stars.

     Again, I am so grateful to have you as a teacher. You are the most awesome teacher I've ever had. You will always be a huge inspiration to me, and I will always remember the success tips you taught me.


Smiles :)

Nichola Lyons

Dear Ms. Werb,

     I am so grateful that I had the privilege of having you as a teacher this year. You are so intelligent and informed with everything that is happening and every class I looked forward to hearing everything you had to share. Thank you so much for caring about educating kids and making it interesting at the same time. It's not very often that a teacher teachers the curriculum plus crop circles and how people can use statistics to lie and about our health and so many other things that you somehow manage to tie together! You gave me great resources that I use and will continue to use even after I graduate.

     You helped me get my mind in the right place about what my priorities are right now. You taught me to love and appreciate math which makes learning it far less painful now. You made me realize that I can achieve all my goals and dreams and encouraged me to push myself. You always have such a positive attitude and sweet disposition which I admire. I will remember the things you taught me for the rest of my life. You are so appreciated by me and so many other peers of mine that I talk to. I can not thank you enough for the time you put into teaching all of us. It was nice to have a teacher who actually cared and went beyond what was required. Hopefully, we will connect in the future. I will miss you and your class and keep you in my heart.



Melanie Schmees

Dear Ms. Werb,

     I would like to thank you for everything you have done as a teacher. You've helped me as well as many other students to think differently and be inspired as students.

     I absolutely loved taking your class this year. I learned a great amount when it comes to college, as well as valuable skills when going out on our own in the world. I enjoyed your ways of teaching, how you would teach us all about the world and society, and how it relates to us as students. I specifically enjoyed the movie you showed us "Finding Joe." It gave me motivation to find my own "call to adventure."

     You gave us a lo of projects in our class that sometimes didn't necessarily have to do with "testing readiness," but projects that had a bigger picture to them, such as the Success Story Project which I was really passionate about doing. One of my favorites was the Vision Board Project, hopefully my vision will come true. And yes, I know there is more to life than meeting Just Bieber :)

     All in all, I came out of your class with much more understanding and knowledge. Especially when it comes to intuition and the spiritual side of life. You're a great teacher as well as a mentor, and I will definitely use what you have taught me throughout my life. Thank you.


Shannon Keoughan 

Ms. Superb Werb,

     Throughout all the years I've been in school and all the teachers I've encountered, you by far have had the most positive impact on my life. Even though I actually do not have your class, I enjoy learning from you. You always have new and exciting knowledge to pass along. With your intelligence you could be in Peru discovering new ways to create free energy alongside brainy scientists, yet you are here teaching the youth. Every student I have talked about you with all have agreed that you are the best thing that has/will ever happen to G-Star.

     The meditations that we do on Wednesdays have greatly changed my perspective on the simple things, each time we meditate it gets more and more powerful and clear.

      As soon as I got this assignment [to write to our favorite or most influential teacher] I knew right away which teacher I was going to write about. It's been great chatting with you everyday! I am eternally grateful for your guidance Werb! 



Sienna Hudak

Ms. Werb,

     I just wanted to take an opportunity to thank you. Thank you for everything you have taught me while I was in your class. Honestly, I kinda wish that I could keep coming to school just so that I could come to your class and hang-out with you. I know that I was off to a bad start in your class, but you seemed to snap me out of it really quick. You are a truly inspiring and motivating person who knows just enough about everything to be dangerous. Hahaha. I have learned so much stuff from you these past few months. When I first got to this school at the beginning of the year so many people asked me if I got you as a teacher because they all think that you're the best. And you literally are! Sarah would talk about you all the time when she would talk about school, and now I understand why. I feel blessed to have met you and have you as a part of my life, even if it was a short while. I really hope that we could keep in touch in the future.....Again, I thank you for being a teacher. Thank you for caring about your students. Thank you for all that you have done to make school more enjoyable to come to. And thank you for being so amazing!                                           - Morgan  K.

Dear Ms. Werb,

     Thank you for creating a class that I enjoy coming to....It is nice to have a teacher that's into all of the cool and wacky stuff that interests me as well. It's always nice to enter a classroom that isn't the same old boring curriculum that seems like the teacher bought a pre-made lesson plan from everyone else. Every class is fun and even when you seem to get side-tracked I know you have a purpose and it is relevant. You always end up connecting everything and allow for a much needed discussion.

     I find the skills that you teach your students to be invaluable. You helped me with two of the hardest parts of this society's school system: the SAT and ACT and seeing the true entertaining applications of math....Thank you for really showing me many new ideas and strategies to take on life at its heart....Out of all my teahers you are the one that I would like to stay in touch with wherever the world takes you. Peace.


Nick Chimienti 

My daughter was very fortunate to be a student of Susan Werb. As an 11th grade student, she was suddenly faced with many tests and choices that would shape her future and college. Susan took the mystery away and helped prepare her for both the ACT and SAT tests. There really is a method to successfully taking these tests and Susan brought that to light. Additionally, she supplied reference information on scholarships that proved to be very helpful for our family as well. Her teaching opened my daughter's mind to a different way of thinking and alleviated a lot of the stress that goes along with these last 2 years of school. Fast track to senior year, my daughter applied to 3 colleges and was accepted into all 3, including her dream school and dream program. I can't thank Susan enough for her ability to connect and relate to young people and make the whole college prep journey so much easier. She is an amazing teacher and woman! 

                         -Cathie Donohue Marlowe



Ms. Werb's effectiveness in teaching proved well beyond my expectations of the course. The learning environment which she fosters sparks the all-too-often snuffed flame of curiousity and excitement in her students. Tailoring each lesson for the individual's personal meeds, her one-on-one teaching provides a wealth of fresh air in our education system where the child is often lost amongst the masses. Her sincere compassion and powerful strategies will provide you not only with the educational stepping stone you are looking for, but ultimately with a perfect foundation on which to begin the greatest journey of your life.                - Devon W. Delaney

Dear Ms. Werb,

     You are one of my favorite teachers of all time. You really do care about all of your students and you really do love your job (because you work too hard sometimes and you are not here for the pay). You have inspired me to have a brighter outlook on life and your Success Class is so fun. I feel like it is really preparing me to move on into the real world. 

     I just want to thank you for what you have done and not just what you have helped me with, but everyone you have taught or helped get into college. You really do lot of work on top of being a teacher, you tutor students here at G-Star, and you tutor other people to help them with amost any test I can think of. You are always so busy - you really need a break!

     Whenever I have a bad day and then your class my mood changes for the better and my day immediately gets better. You really are a great teacher and I learned so much in your class beyond textbook stuff to real-world life stuff! No other teacher has taught me what you have taught me or could ever exceed the scope of your class.



Evan DeCarmine

I am grateful for this class! In the beginning of the year, I was talking to my friends and we agreed that we have learned twice as much in the first two weeks of school than we had prior to having this class.  Since then I have recommended it to all my junior friends. Thank you Ms. Werb for your lessons and insight. I know I wasn't always on time but I truly have enjoyed your class. I wish you the best whether you are still at G-Star or not. Again, thank you!!

-Nair Fernandez

I came into Ms. Werb’s class knowing absolutely nothing about the ACT and SAT except that they both have 3 letters. Coming out of her class, not only did I have a nice score on my ACT to take to college, but I came out with a readiness to take on the real world. From taking complex tests, applying for college, getting a job, making yourself stand out, to discovering your vision, Ms. Werb helped me with it all and it would be great if the whole world could take her class just once. I guarantee they’ll benefit from it. 

~Afrika Cheathom-Stoute


Dear Ms. Werb,

I am not ashamed to admit that me and some of my friends actually cried when we heard you are not coming back next year. We all talked about how lucky we are to have your class and would even take it again if we could. I really wasn't crying for me though. I was thinking of my friends who are juniors and all the younger kids who will never get to have you as a teacher. It makes me feel so lucky but so sad at the same time. It's just not fair. But I am happy for you and know you have to move on. You deserve the best. You are one of the biggest blessings in our lives, and they will never find anyone to replace you.  Love, Gabriella

Ms. Werb,

     Your class is one of the most fun and interesting of all of my classes. I believe that the curriculum of a class should allow room for deep and intellectual conversations like what happens in your class. Your class is a great opportunity I believe for many students to broaden their views on the world. Your class is also very helpful to students who are unsure about their future or their personal/professional self. Not only is your class helpful for your future, but it is especially essential for finding who you really are as a student and as a person and what you should do to "follow your bliss" so that you are truly happy in life ahead and in the moment.

     As a teacher, I believe it is the best to be open-minded and willing to teach your students how to be successful in life rather than strictly "following the textbook." As an issue that society has in which you often talk about "synthetic education," I believe you are one of the teachers who is aware and tries to change your style of teaching to avoid conforming to that issue. The classroom should be a container in which critical thinking should be a free-flowing concept. I believe your classroom offers this the best.

     Every class you have interesting subjects to talk about, and all these interesting topics I soak up like a sponge. One class of yours is like watching a documentary on National Geographic, and I really enjoy it.


Dear Ms. Werb,

     I just wanted to take the time to let you know what an impact you have left on my life. You are such a brilliant, open-minded woman. You have helped me to open my eyes to the many beauties of life. I look forward to going to your class and having the privilege of gtting to know you more. Your many life experiences have helped me realize the endless amount of things I can do to improve the world. One day, I want to have the ability to go to a mental facility and take the time to have an abused child completely confide in me. It's a beautiful thing you've done. Out of all my teachers, I have the most respect for you. You take the time to figure out students learning styles and teach accordingly. (Most teachers don't bother.) You tell us "why" because you know it will further our understanding. If you feel like your students don't appreciate you, just know that I do.


                                Alex Steiner

Dear Ms. Werb,

     You really strive to connect to everyone. Even when other students don't listen, I do. Your stories are very inspirational.

     If I have frustrated you in the past, I'm sorry. I have obtained many life lessons in your class. You helped me find where I want to go in life. Hopefully I will get there.

     Being a teacher must be a difficult job. Just knowing you have helped shape someone's future towards greatness must be an amazing feeling.

    Keep being the great teacher that you are. Thank you for having me as your student. Thank you for being my most influential teacher.



Daniel Gil


I have known Susan for over 12 years. She was the Sunday school teacher for our church and ran the children's program and summer camp. My children adored her. I have never seen a teacher walk into a room with 5-year olds to teenagers and keep them all mesmerized for 90 minutes. She ran a Harry Potter-type spiritual adventure camp which attracted as many adult volunteers as camp attendees because everyone wanted to be involved. She puts all her passion and her amazing science and math background and comes across so interesting that even I, a diehard English adjunct at Indian River State College, want to learn more about science. She is a great teacher for all of these reasons: she can handle all age groups, she can manage large class sizes, she can make students interested in the STEM areas, and she really cares about the whole student. I have called on her for parenting advice as well as math and tutoring help. I can't say enough about Susan's teaching ability. She also knows more about the sciences, math, and applying them metaphysically than anyone else.


Anne Alexander

English/Reading Adjunct

IRSC Academic Support Center

Dear Ms. Werb,

     Thank you for all you have done in mine and all of your other students' lives. You have done so much for me in the past year that I am grateful for. Thank you for helping me find myself and being such a wonderful person to talk to. Getting into meditation has significantly changed me as a person. I've gotten a lot better at dealing with all of my issues.

     Everything we did this year has been a truly fun and enjoyable eerience on it's own. You've showed me that I am not alone in this world with the way that I thnk and taught me valuable life lessons that I will never forget. You have helped prepare me for college more than anyone esle could. Taking your class, joining Mathletes and attending Peace Club have been the highlights of my life. The M3 Challenge was an incredible experience and seeing the Woody Guthrie Show was inspiring.

     Honestly if it weren't for you and your class, this year would have been miserable and I would not have the ambition that I do today. I hope that your future brings good luck and good health, because you deserve it. I am so glad I was able to take your class this year. 


Cameron Miller Barley

Dear Ms. Werb,

     I'm sorry you have to read this handwriting, but congratulations, out of all the favorite teachers I have at this school, I've chosen you over the others. .....Because of you Ms. Werb, or Swerb, I like to call you that (it's nice to say) I have made many friends. I enjoy going to your classroom during lunch. Ever since my friend got a boyfriend, I would spend my lunchtime alone. Today, sometimes I'm still alone, but at least I'm alone in your classroom. I take that back, I'm not alone because I have you. You make me laugh, you're full of fun facts, and I think you're pretty. You have the best teaching ability because you're obviously amazing. You are probably the only teacher who could have a conversation with me that's interesting. I think all the other teachers get bored when they notice my lack of talkingness. When I'm older and successful, I will find you. I will find you and we will meditate. Then we'll gather our Mathletes pals and go move to your country because Ms. Werb, you will have your own country. I know. You are welcome. Smiley face spelled out. You've flourished my dreams and I just thought you should know. Because of you, my future may go according to plan. 

     Thank you Ms. Werb!

            -Afrika Cheatham-Stoute

I want to share a personal story because it is true. I didn’t know what to do with my son Jon. He had dropped out of high school and was not interested in his future. He was going to a credit recovery program at a computer lab when he said he didn’t even want to do that anymore. I was desperate. I literally opened the Bible and prayed to God for an angel to come into his life. The next day he came home from school talking about a new teacher named Ms. Werb. He actually seemed excited. He said she was really smart, funny and real, and that she talked about a lot of interesting things and she really seemed to care. He decided to stay out of curiousity. Every day he would come home and talk about the things she said. He said she was so different than any other teacher he ever had. She was honest about things, even if it meant disagreeing with how some things were being done. All of the students respected her for being straight up. She pushed him to get done with the system so he could get on with his life. He got his diploma in record time and enrolled at PBSC. He still calls Ms. Werb ‘the hippie lady.’ But to me she is an angel.             – Mae Andrews


To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I were in for a shock when our son David, an all-A student, got back his PSAT scores. We knew we had to help him and sent him to Huntington and tried Wyzant and Varsity Tutors. Not only didn't he improve, he became convinced that he was just not a good test-taker and would never be one. Several friends recommended Ms. Werb and we thought we'd have to drag Nick to more tutoring sessions. We met for a consultation, and he liked her immediately. He came back from the very first session happy and motivated. I was amazed to see him practicing on his own without any nagging from me. That's because he finally learned techniques and understood how to tackle the test. He went up 360 point overall on the new SAT and 6 points on the ACT. He got into 3 of his top 4 schools with scholarships. She also taught him note-taking skills and edited his application essays. We all know he couldn't have done it without Ms. Werb. Her clients are lucky to have an "unfair advantage" in playing the whole college game.    ~ Susan Cohen

To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I were in for a shock when our son David, an all-A student, got back his PSAT scores. We knew we had to help him and sent him to Huntington and tried Wyzant and Varsity Tutors. Not only didn't he improve, he became convinced that he was just not a good test-taker and would never be one. Several friends recommended Ms. Werb and we thought we'd have to drag Nick to more tutoring sessions. We met for a consultation, and he liked her immediately. He came back from the very first session happy and motivated. I was amazed to see him practicing on his own without any nagging from me. That's because he finally learned techniques and understood how to tackle the test. He went up 360 point overall on the new SAT and 6 points on the ACT. He got into 3 of his top 4 schools with scholarships. She also taught him note-taking skills and edited his application essays. We all know he couldn't have done it without Ms. Werb. Her clients are lucky to have an "unfair advantage" in playing the whole college game.    ~ Susan Cohen

Here's our success stories: our daughter Nicole is extremely happy and doing great at NCF (a school we only even considered because of Ms. Werb's counseling) on Bright Futures Scholarships even though testing was never her forte; our youngest Steven is at UF (Go Gators!) as a Florida Academic Scholar (his essay and his test scores are what helped him beat out a lot of friends with higher gpa's) and our oldest son Danny is at Northeastern Law School on a 75% scholarship. He got into 33 law schools and was offered over $2 million in scholarships. Deans and admissions officers of law schools actually texted and called him directly to recruit him, and some even quoted his Personal Statement. Ms. Werb was the magic that made it all happen, and our family is incredibly grateful!                          ~ The Isaacs

I had first encountered Susan Werb my senior year of high school when I had finally signed up to take a SAT&ACT Prep and Success course that she was teaching. I walked in with no idea that I'd be walking out of her class that year without the same anxiety and stress I had once been feeling about standardized tests and performing under pressure. Ms. Werb is a teacher who truly teaches with passion; not only was I taught the basics and fundamentals of learning, but I learned about myself in the process. Werb is a teacher who naturally makes you feel comfortable and eager enough to be motivated to learn. There are many different types of learning methods that she's more than capable of modeling because she understands that not all students learn the same way. In the process I had scored an 1800 on my SAT and a 32 on my ACT all on my first try thanks to her methods. As a former student of hers I'd recommend anyone pursuing academic success to grab a hold of her as quick as you can! I'm still quite thankful that I had gotten my chance to be taught by a woman of so much knowledge who had the ability to bring out the best of her own students.  ~Cindy Leazard

BEST RESUME I'VE EVER HAD..EVER! Susan was AMAZING! She responded lighting fast and was able to talk to me in a mere few hours to help me with my not so fabulous of a resume. She made time to meet me in person to make sure she had all of the details needed. She taught me a different way of going about writing and presenting my resume and it looks far superior to any other resume I've seen. In just three days after sending out y new resume, I got four interviews after going 7 months with no call-backs. Contacting her was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thanks Susan!! 


Jennifer Nisco

Ms. Werb became part of our family when she tutored our oldest son Tommy, and then our daughter Sally and finally our youngest Billy. At first, we sent Tommy to her Test Boot Camp. After he came home the first day that is all he talked about. We couldn't believe how much he got out of going to tutoring. His quote: "I think I learned more in one day than I have learned in high school." He went up 220 points on the SAT and got into the UF Honors program. So when it was time to get Sally ready we already knew what to do. Ms. Werb tutored her in Algebra II and Pre-Calculus and the ACT. Sally got into her first-choice school which was FSU (no way did she want to go to the same school as her brother!) We knew that Billy would be the biggest challenge because he is a great baseball player but an average student, not because he isn't smart but because he finds school boring. He wasn't planning to continue playing sports in college until the combination of his SAT and ACT scores got attention from several D2 schools. He got an academic and athletic full ride to Georgia Southern University and even surprised himself.  Now we all call her Aunt Susan and hope she is still teaching by the time we have grandkids!          ~ The McNamaras    

Dear Ms. Werb,

     When my seventh hour teacher told me it's Teacher Appreciation Week I knew I was picking you. I wanted to write you a letter for a while now not just because you're my all-time favorite teacher. Not just this year but all of my schooling. I appreciate how you teach and feel so lucky to be placed in your class even after transferring schools. 



 -Nikki Hudak

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