I design and implement comprehensive and customized test-prep programs for individuals, groups and schools. 


                                                      I create personalized programs for a limited number of one-on-one tutoring

                                                      clients. Total preparation time varies depending on experience, confidence and strengths/weaknesses. Generally speaking, most students need 8-12 hours total (in 2-hour sessions) of direct tutoring and 20-30 hours of independent practice. I also offer committed clients six, nine or twelve months of unlimited SAT & ACT preparation, college matching and admissions counseling (including completing applications, writing essays and preparing for interviews), note-taking skills and priority scheduling.  


Recent clients have improved 60-480 points on the SAT (as much as 240 points on one section) 2-8 points on the ACT (as much as 12 points on one section) and 1-6 points on their essay scores. My clients regularly accomplish score gains in 1/4th to 1/3rd of the time typically needed for comparable results. I have had 18 clients achieve perfect scores on at least one test subsection.

Each tutoring session is focused, fun and fast! I demonstrate test-taking strategies and adjust to your specific needs and issues. After reviewing test format and structure, I teach and model problem-solving techniques that are unique to each test, subject and type of question. In between sessions, you will practice on actual tests until you successfully change your "default mode" to these methods (usually two hours of independent work for each hour of tutoring). Once you grade your answers and sort your mistakes using my Error Analysis Chart, I fine-tune our next session according to your feedback. I will show you multiple approaches for every problem and promise to be patient until you really get it! During this process you will also learn how to get into the flow and master timing, change negative self-talk into supportive affirmations and convert nervous energy into productive action.

I am professionally certified by the State of Florida to teach Mathematics 6-12 and Middle School Integrated Curriculum (all subjects), as well as qualified by the American Board of Certification of Teacher Excellence to teach in 13 states (AR, AZ, FL, ID, MO, MS, NH, OK, PA, SC, TN, UT, WI). I have a contagious love of "mathemagics" and specialize in real-world applications, "ah-ha" epiphanies and attitude adjustments.


Furthermore, I enjoy teaching many different subjects and providing expert guidance on all aspects of writing and research. By analyzing learning styles, using differentiated instruction, increasing self-awareness and expanding on strengths, I facilitate mastery of study skills, note-taking, organization, time management and stress reduction. 


I use the same methodologies as mentioned above when working groups of students and often find that results are accelerated by peer dynamics and collaborative learning.  Since today's students usually have busy schedules packed with extra-curricular activities and additional responsibilities, I offer intensive weedend                                  and week-long                            . 

I also work with homeschool groups and students in other nontraditional learning environments. They often enjoy a more diverse, creative and open education style and need specialized preparation to adjust to the inside-the-box thinking of standardized tests. I use brain-based games and group activities for problem-solving and critical-thinking skills which apply directly to multiple-choice scenarios, as well as familiarizing the students with the content, format, structure, and strategies of the particular tests that they will face. One of the most effective techniques I use is to teach students how to reverse-engineer test questions and use rubrics to construct answer choices. By thinking like test-makers, they become confident test-takers! I can customize workshops for the needs, ages and aptitudes of a specific population.

I have a proven history of uncommon success with a wide range of students and settings. When I worked with high-risk populations that scored in the bottom 1% statewide on FCATs and were labeled potential drop-outs, 84% of my students achieved concordant scores on the ACT or SAT to earn regular high school diplomas, and many continued on to college or vocational programs.

At a charter high school for the arts, I combined the state-mandated course benchmarks for College Readiness, Career Research, and Critical Thinking and Decision-Making Skills to create and teach original curricula for the electives Test Prep and Success Class. My classes had an excellent school-wide reputation and four students signed up for each spot, even though it often meant giving up film classes to do so.  


There were no requirements to get into my classes other than desire; thus they were statistically representative of school-wide demographics with students ranging from remedial to AP levels. My students scored significantly higher on average than the rest of the student population: 210 points higher on the SAT, 3.4 points on the ACT, and 3.8 points on ACT/SAT essays (over 75% of my students earned a top 10% score nationwide). The percentage of my students who earned Bright Futures Scholarships was almost three times that of those who did not. Our overall school grade went from a "C" to an "A" the first and every subsequent year I taught these classes.

I also work with private and charter middle schools to prepare their students for participation in Duke TIPS and to take the SSAT and ISEE for admission to prestigious secondary and boarding schools. Furthermore, since standardized testing is weighted more heavily in the school grade formula each year, it has a much broader impact and affects student enrollment, teacher retention and overall funding. It is becoming increasingly critical not to rely on generic test-preparation programs. After analyzing standardized data, assessing current practices, directly observing school-wide testing culture and interviewing teachers and administration, I can create a completely customized and comprehensive curricula for your school.  Please contact me for an appointment to further discuss my services or view my curriculum materials.